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Embracing sustainability need not be disruptive

Many businesses default to ‘big picture’ ideas when asked about sustainability: solar panels or electric fleets, for example. It appears disruptive and expensive. In reality, there are many simpler sustainable ‘swaps’ that can make a big difference to a company’s ecological – and financial - success.

One is using recycled or low-impact materials. Alternatively, choose a long-lasting item that

uses energy efficiently and produces low-to-zero waste. For example, lighting can make up 20-50% of energy costs. By swapping to LED bulbs and installing sensors, one company saved £9,400 a year and reduced its CO2 emissions by 36 tonnes annually.

Encouraging sustainable behaviours such as only printing when necessary is important, but choosing the best technology for the company’s needs is also critical. Printers make up around 10% of an organisations energy consumption, so choosing one that delivers quality and sustainability is critical. A simple switch from laser printing to Epson’s Heat-free business inkjet technology could save European businesses enough energy annually to power 800,000 electric cars for a year, cut €152m in energy costs and lower CO2 emissions by 410m kilograms, an amount it would typically take 19m trees a year to absorb.

On top of the environmental benefits gained from reduced commuting time and energy demands from increased home working, businesses can continue to make sustainable choices that both improve their carbon footprint and the bottom line.


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