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Epson Business Machines

Better Products for a Better Future

Epson has developed a game-changing range of business machines that are shaping the future of printing with Heat-Free Technology.

Green Office Technology can now give you access to these Business InkJet machines that will change the way you look at printing in your organisation forever!

Touchless Print

With workplace protocols rewritten, gathering at a shared printer and then touching communal surfaces to release a print job have become far from ideal.

Epson’s touchless software allows users to and release a print job without having any physical contact with the machine. The printer will authenticate the individual, find the document in the secure queue and then release the user’s documents.


By using a card to release a print job, it enables users to print their documents only when they are physically in front of the printer – reducing prints left un-retrieved and further reducing touchpoints.


Confidential information remains secure, costs are reduced and your organisation remains in compliance.

Replace your printers with ground-breaking Epson products and get up to £1000 cash back, call now on 03333 208 343 or click here
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Call us now on 03333 208343

We are one of only a few UK companies who supply these ground-breaking machines that will change your business in several critical ways, increasing sustainability, productivity and reliability

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