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Social Distancing in the Workplace

Making socially distanced workplaces safe and effective requires use of technology to adapt, find out how you can make your workplace safer

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Sustainability in Schools

Our collection of top tips suggests practical ways for schools to become more sustainable, whilst at the same time saving money.


Our Guide to Selling from Home

Have a look at our helpful tips to make sure you are as effective as possible when working at home.

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Our Guide to Data Security

The security of your data, be that commercial or customer data has never been so important or indeed scrutinised given the enforcement of GDPR.  Working with Green Office Technology gives you access to state-of-the-art software ensuring your data is kept away from prying eyes.


Using ID cards to print, encrypting data during transmission, and removal of used data from print drives means you can be confident your data is secure and your business is compliant. 

The Benefits of Leasing

Find out how leasing our game changing printers can save you money and help manage your business.

Leasing contributes £22.4 billion to the business and private sectors and is used by all types of businesses, from startups to multi-national companies. Here are some advantages.

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