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UV light helps you to win the battle against Covid-19, save money and energy with our game-changing Epson printers and get a UV-C steriliser completely free.

Epson Business Machines

Better Products for a Better Future

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Buy one of Epson's game-changing business machine and we'll give you a portable UV steriliser absolutely free.

This compact, portable unit simply plugs in to your printer's USB port and uses UV-C light to sterilise the touchpoints helping you win the battle against Covid-19, keeping you and your staff safe, and giving you complete peace of mind.


Green Office Technology can now give you access to these Business InkJet machines that will change the way you look at printing forever, helping you reduce energy use, reduce CO2 and cut waste by up to 94%.


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Find out more about these revolutionary machines.

Call us now on 03333 208343

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