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Join our live Webinar to find out how your public sector organisation can become more sustainable

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Three great brands have come together to raise awareness around how conserving heat is a great way to minimise our impact on the environment.

Iconic National Geographic, ground-breaking Epson and trusted Green Office Technology bring you innovative equipment to help you commit to your green credentials, change the way you print and save significant amounts of money and energy. 

Switch to Heat-Free Technology for low power consumption. Even making a small change can really help. If everyone on the planet makes one small change, it can have a huge positive impact. Starting one page at a time, we can change the story together.

Join our public sector webinar on July 7 at 11 am and hear how these 3 great brands will help your public sector organisation commit to your green credentials. 

We will cover:


  1. An introduction to Green Office Technology with our Managing Director  Alex Wimperis

  2. Epson's range of sustainable products with Dan Wogan

  3. The UK Government's G-Cloud digital buying framework with Epson's Dominic Kennedy

Register with our form below, and add a few details so that we can get to know you and we'll send you a reminder and joining instructions closer to the date.

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