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Lease free Photocopying and Printing
All you pay for are the copies you use, no leases or long contracts!

Due to the unprecedented circumstances caused by Covid-19. Our stock of machines being returned at the end of their contract have had a fraction of the use we would normally expect.

So on a first come first served basis we are offering these machines free of charge.

This is how it works.

1. After an informal chat about your printing requirements, along with your expected volume of copies per month, we will be able to recommend the type, speed and quantity of machines that would be best for you. You can then choose a machine from our comprehensive range of robust and reliable Multi-Functional photocopiers and printers.

2. We would then agree a low minimum volume charge cost per copy for both black and white and colour covering a 90 day period. You can cancel the agreement giving 90 day’s notice at any point.

3. Once you have paid the initial 90 day minimum charge as a deposit along with a small delivery, set-up and training charge*, we will supply you with as many machines as you need.

*(price subject to individual requirements)

Our refurbished photocopiers come from our existing customer base, and we only choose the very best devices for our refurbishment programme.

So whether you are looking for a networked printer for an office, a heavy-duty colour photocopier for a large work group, or just a low cost, reliable copier or desktop printer for a small office, get in touch
Why choose a refurbished photocopier?

Environmental friendly – A used photocopier is an excellent option for those looking to reduce their environmental impact. No landfill and none of the associated manufacture and travel costs of a new machine.


Call us now on 03333 208343

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