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Local Government

Epson and Green Office Technology - Helping local authorities become more sustainable
Call us on now 03333 208343 and see how much you can save your organisation 

Across the country, councils are taking urgent actions in their local areas with partners and their local communities to combat the negative impacts of climate change and to deliver net zero carbon by 2050. The Local Government Association's climate change support programme helps councils and residents to reach their local carbon reduction targets by adapting and mitigating the effects of climate change. 

A recent LGA survey* identified "a lack of technological solutions which are proven and affordable, as opposed to emerging and experimental" as a barrier to improving sustainability.

In line with these aims and issues, Green Office Technology can give you access to the latest ground-breaking printers that use proven Heat-Free technology and will help your organisation become more sustainable and make significant financial savings. Plus, you can buy with complete confidence through the government's G-Cloud buying framework. 

Get a free no-obligation print and energy audit from Green Office Technology and see you much your organisation can save now.


Saving energy leads to saving money, with COVID-19 continuing to affect us all the pressure to reduce costs is even more important.

Green Office Technology and Epson now bring you revolutionary new business machines that will change the way you look at printing forever. Epson machines are available on the government's G-Cloud framework agreement so you can buy with complete confidence and an agreed rate. Combine these machines with print management software to make this package save even more. 

We are one of only a few UK companies that supply these ground-breaking machines that will change your business in several critical ways, increasing sustainability, productivity and reliability.

*LGA Climate Change Survey, February 2020

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Epson machines give you the opportunity to use 96% less energy, to reduce your CO2 output by up to 92%, and produce 94% less waste whilst producing zero ozone gas. We'd love to talk to you get in touch now and we'll help you become more sustainable.
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Call us on now 03333 208343 and see how much you can save your organisation 
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