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Xerox® MFP apps can help build your digital workplace.

The importance of apps and solutions

What is a mobile phone without its apps? Well it's just a phone. So, is an MFP without apps just a printer? Yes!

Add apps and you have a whole new way to work, you can check and mark student papers, hide sensitive data, get expenses paid faster and easier, integrate document conversion including translation, print and scan for the mobile workforce, turn hard copies into voice files plus much much more.

Workplace Assistant is a platform for helping you transform the way you work. To work smarter, you need access to apps and solutions that can power your business forward. Xerox App Gallery provides the app platform to maximize your workplace assistant investment and transform your business.

A platform of apps enabling you to route, convert, compare, share and even communicate… Xerox App Gallery is your gateway to access and acquire a growing collection of easily downloadable and installable apps designed to transform the way you handle documents, data and communications.

Here is a great example.........

Connects directly to your industry-specific tools and processes....


..... and to your cloud storage solutions

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